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How to retrieve EARLIEST record from an entity with a N:1 relationship to the source data

David Carr

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I have a flow that creates Dynamics 365 Opportunities. The opportunity is linked to one Account. One Account is linked to many Account Teams (custom entity). I want to find the EARLIEST record (based on createdon date) from the Account Team entity, to pass into the Owner ofthe Opportunity.

My source file is a spreadsheet representing each opportunity I want to create. I loop through all of these records, creating one opportunityfor each.

I have a lookup block to return the Account GUID, which I could then pass into the Account Team lookup block. But there aren't any operators in a lookup block that would retrieve the earliest account team record.

Any ideas

Many thanks in advance,


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Hi David,

There is no option to configure the sort by in the Query block.

Usually it's oldest records first and newest records last.


If you want that extra control I would suggest using a Native Query block where you can define your FetchXML statement, which allows for a sort by statement.




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