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Tibco EBX Workflow approval notification apps

Alejandro Biel Lombas

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Hi everyone.

New into Tibco EBX world, greetings to everyone!!!

So, one of my first tasks on tibco ebx its to send to consuming (systems) apps info with approved data changes, so, everytime an approval happens, I need to send an url to a service to distribute updated info generated on the workflow. On documentation Ive read about email, but in my case I should go with java or code developing options, any help or starting point to investigate and make a try...


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I corrected my answer.

If you need to call a webservice for example after the validation, you can implement a TableTrigger (


You have 2 methods :

HandleAfterModify and HandleAfterCreate, as explain, when the transaction is commited, your code will running.

You can test directly in the IHM to run the trigger after a "Save" action.

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Hi @rmeftah, thanks for your quick response, I need to analyze it, but on a quick view to your solutions, maybe Ive explained myself wrong, its not about sending an email, its to invoke a service stored based on a URL call and then that service sends the updated info to the consuming service, but what I need to do now, its, after the approval, make a custom script (I guess java) code that calls URL with service stored.


Anyway, thanks for the approach and Ill continue checking, with your documentation links, I can get a good beginig....

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Hi again rmeftah.

Thanks again for your new answer. Now Im into generating a script step on the workflow after merging temporal child dataset. I guess, here I can develop java code for calling the integration service with the token of the change (theyll get our data with API rest, so I only need to send the token confirming the change).

For me that its the easy way to make that webservice call, dont you think

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