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Tibco iProcess 11.8 engine installation on Red Hat RHEL7.8

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I start installing iProcess Engine 11.8 for Unix Oracle on a Linux server with RHEL 7.8. And get the response:

The version of the OS you are running ( LinuxRHEL7 3.10.0-1127.19.1.el7.x86_64 ) is

not a validated platform for this version of the TIBCO iProcess Engine.

Do you wish to continue with this upgrade (Y/N - default N) :

It shows the Kernel version of Release RHEL 7.8 and this version should be supported:

The supported platforms listed above are those that have been

validated by TIBCO. Any subsequent service

packs/patches/updates/fix packs for the same major version are also

supported. For example:

- Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server v7.x means any v7 subsequent to

v7.6 will be supported.

Is it safe to continue the installion and is the platform supported or not

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