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Testing workflow script task

Alejandro Biel Lombas

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Hi everyone.

As I said on previous topic, I need to call a webservice when data its approved, so Im trying with a java custom code conected to a script task on the workflow.

Testing it its really frustrating me, Im new on tibco ebx and found hard to understand whats happening.

What I have now its, a java code class inserted on a new package, this code only accepts a variable input and sends another one setted to 1 on the output (Testing purpose). Ive added to the module.xml necessary code and var definition so now Im able to see and call it from tibco ebx.

Then Ive created a Workflow, just with a user accepting ok for run that java code that its called on a script task (when previous task its accepted), I set parameters values and a last user conditional task for checking the result of the script task (and check that java code have worked fine). I publish that workflow and launch it.

I can see the task for starting the script task, but after that, Im not able to see more, the Workflow gets erased, I guess because of a failure (maybe definition or maybe java code, or maybe java package its not correctly setted up).

Some helps, or link with examples (Ive been checking the tibco ebx documentation) would be much appreciated.


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Hi Christhian.

Ive re-started EBX server, so now, Ive got the communication between tibco and the java class, so, that seems to be Ok, but now I have another issue and seems to me its not about the java code. When I try to approve and enters on code, Ive got that err:


"The requested operation has failed. Reason:Unexpected error...


> Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Current thread is already executing a transaction on this home."

And no java action its taking place, so its like the row have a not-ended transaction, any idea on this

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