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Need to Migrate data from CRM D365 On-Premise to CRM D365 On-Cloud

Manoj Chaurasia

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This is Albert with the TIBCO Scribe Support Team. I can not give you exact steps but I can point you towards some additional resources. First we have some samples and examples you can take a look at.


You would want to take a look at


TIBCO Scribe Online - Microsoft CRM Migration Patterns/Examples


Next I would recommend contacting the sales team to discuss your additional options.

Sales can provide information regarding TIBCO Scribe Training options to help you learn the product and how to use it. You can also talk about our Assurance Services which is a more hands on approach where a representative can work closely with you to help accomplish your goals.

For contact informationhttps://www.tibco.com/contact-us



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