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The Organization has no IP ranges specified for API access.

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Hi Chakkapong,


This is Albert with the TIBCO Scribe Support team. The error message is referring to API Access setting under the security section of the scribe online org. To Get there chose the more option from the scribe online dashboard and select security.


Use the link below to the Scribe Online help guides security settings for more information. I believe it revolves around an access rule for API Access.




If further assistance is needed please open a Support Case.


Thanks and Kind Regards,



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Hi Albert,

Thank you for helping me.

However, when I log in the Scribe Online from my pc, everything is working fine. This includes a new organization that I created.

But if I log in the Scribe Online from a Server that run on the public Cloud, then the error message will be displayed on the screen.

Anyway, I also find out that

There is one organization that we have and keep using has Integration Services(IS) as Scribe Online Integration Service - Standard Edition.

The new organization that I just created has Integration Services(IS) as 15-day free trial, 3 solution instances.

Therefore, if we want to upgrade from trial version to Standard Edition, what we need to do please

Thank you

Kind regards,

Chakkapong(Jack) Sukkarom

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Hi Chakkapong,


As I mentioned before please take a look at the security information in the help guide that I provided. Most likely you have access rules in place with acceptable IP addresses. Loging into your pc is most likely part of the rule that exist. Logging in from a public pc is probably outside the allowed IP address configured by the access rule. Please take a look at the information. You may need to open up the acceptable ranges if you want to work in a outside environment.


Regarding the subscription question. Please contact the sales team for assistance with switching/purchasing/or activating a subscription.


Contact Sales

603.622.5109 x1

Monday Friday

8:30 5:30 ET


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