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Can't get DBLOOKUP2 (or DBLOOKUP) to work on 7.9.5 Scribe

Len Ott

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I simplified what I am doing to just using the SQL table that has what I want to dblookup on.

My forumla is:

DBLOOKUP2(S2 , S3 , " nwksql3 - temp", " SubMarketConversion", " PrimaryMarket", " SubMarket", " NewSubMarket" )

all 3 fields are nchar fields.

I keep getting the "Error executing formula.." from the Edit formula diagalog

What am I missing I kow the connection, table and fields are correct....

("nwksql3 - temp" is currently both my source and destination)

I also tried DBLOOKUP and got the same issue!


(and, are the spaces as the first character inside the quotes needed All of the samples seem to be that way!)


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