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how i repair lineage

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I have ran lineage in two different server from a different environment and getting full lineage in one and not getting it in the other one are there a way to repair the lineage so I can get result on the other environment (TIBCO Data Virtualization)
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Hi Ali,

If the lineage is broken for only a specific view, try the quick approach else proceed with the Alternative apporach.

A quickapproach:

A quick way toresolve this would be bymanually changing the SQL in the view. You may try by just adding some blank spaces in the View SQL and save the view. Re-openthe View tab and create the lineage again.

Alternative way:

An alternative approach, would be to re-import the Full Server Backup on the node. If you have many view which needed alteration, this approach could resolve the whole problem.

Here are the detaled steps:



Step 1: Take a Full server backup from TDV Studio. (Administration tab -> Full Server Backup). Verify the backup is valid

Additionally, take a backup of the existing metadata by keeping a copy of TDV Server install directory.



Step 2: If env is part of an Active Cluster, take the nodes out of the cluster (TDV Web Manager -> Configuration -> Cluster) and disable the configuration 'Copy Repository Database For Cluster Join' for all the nodes.



Step 3: Stop the TDV Server for one node, but keep the TDV repository running. Shutdown the TDV Studio.



Step 4: Drop the TDV repository schema by executing the below command:

/bin/ -dropSchema

Example for reference: 'D:TIBCO DVbin>repo_util.bat -dropSchema



Step 5: Start TDV server and verify below entry in cs_server.log.

'Server started with an empty database. Creating the initial system database entries.'

Now the TDV instance will look like a fresh installation.



Step 6: Import the FSB in the node.

Verify the data sources connections and the lineage for some of the views are showing correctly.



Step 7: Create a cluster on this node (this node will be treated as the TimeKeeper) and add remaining nodes to the cluster.



Step 8: Verify the data source information is displayed in the Lineage tab for all the existing views.



After following theses steps if you are still facing the lineage issue,kindlyfile a Support case with DV Support team and we will be happy to assit you on this.

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